Fabian GmbH, Gebrüder

Fabian GmbH, Gebrüder

Business Description:

Recycling, Waste Management, Containers, Ferroalloy & Products, Metal Finishing, Service Agent

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Fabian GmbH, Gebrüder





Company Head Office:

Fabian GmbH, Gebrüder
Schnackenburgallee 192
225 25


Pressing containers

GarFen.cz, s.r.o. manufactures, services and repairs hydraulic and screw pressing containers and presses for waste. Pressing containers and presses for waste are used to reduce the amount of waste for easier handling and its cheaper storage, transportation.

Abroll container

Abroll container with capacity of 3m³ – 40m³ is a steel-welded design. Chassis is assembled from a pair of rolled girders that are terminated in frond section by tensing hook. Frame of the floor is assembled from cross beams. We also manufacture mulden container.

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